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 Today I would like to introduce some very useful software for photo / video editing enthusiasts. I think many of you already know.

 Let's see what software 

Light Room mobile mod👈

Lightroom is a professional tool for photographers. Most of the customizations you want to apply to an image are all contained in one package. Suitable for a wide range of photographers, from pet photographers to street documentary projects.

  Due to the pay-per-view control of the users, this software has attracted a large number of enthusiastic photographers. At the beginning there is a learning line. But it's falling fast and worth the patience.

  Lightroom has many features, but it is self-aware. Are you already using the editing apps on your phone with presets and settings slides? Then it should not be difficult at all to grasp the concept of this app.

  In the beginning Lighroom's user interface looks scary because it contains so many elements. But as you become more familiar with the location of different devices, You will find it very easy to use. You can even learn the basics of this program for at least 30 minutes.

For Your Video Intro The best application

Introduction and external creator. Games for YT Channel Logo Thumbnail Manufacturer

  * Use this introductory creator to access your YT channel, Professional introductions for gaming stream or social media; Exit cards You can easily create an end card (end screen).

  * Game; 3D Cool၊ Particle Esport Logo YT၊ Cute Glitch Vlog Aesthetic Magic Wizard With many intro styles like Cooking.

  * Continue to update the thousands of well-designed introductions and exterior samples available for selection.

  * Text Emoji Stickers Music Add sound effects to your liking ...

  Thumbnails Create a banner of channel art and videos.

  * All-in-one video editor for YT


4000+ Introduction Samples

  Intro or Outro Producer for YT.

  - Various styles Outro; 3D Games Vlog Logo Music Business; Promotion Birthday, Cooking Legend Brands Logo YT၊ Mistakes; Vlog Aesthetic Magic Wizard.etc ...

  Create thumbnails and channel art.

  - Cartoon ၊ Cool၊ Kawaii Glitch 3D Dynamo Esports Various styles such as Diamond.

  Upcoming Models - Slideshows; Larger Introduction Samples

  -Intro Manufacturer Outro Producer and Gaming Intro Producer for YT.

Easy to use

  - Preset 500 helps you get introduced in 30 seconds.

  Real-time editing and preview Automatically save projects for editing

  - Intro; Dynamic Cinematic; Fresh; Pop Vlog Different styles such as Travel.

  120+ No copyright effects for choice.

  - Atmosphere; Transition Movie၊ Game Action Different themes including Instrument.

Intromaker Premium👈

Import and use your own voice.

  Customizable text

  20+ preset text settings for selection

  - Fonts Stroke Shadows Customize the text by editing the cartoons.

  120+ amazing fonts to choose from

  20+ cartoons for stunning introductions

  Add logos and photos.

  - Provide logo introductory samples and introductory sample images with pictures.

  Replace logos and images with your logo and photos. Create your own logo introduction in seconds.

  Reduce the third topic.

  - Amazing bottom manufacturer. Perfect for titles and logos.

  Enhance your intro with text cartoons.

  - Complete text animation for typing videos

  EMOJIS and 140+ stickers

  100+ button sticker sign up for creators. Use the subscribe buttons to get followers for your channel.

  Hundreds of cartoon stickers to choose from

  - emojis; Social media; Different topics covering fx effects.

  The app provides sample layouts, Do not hesitate to download Intro Maker as new music and stickers are being updated.

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